FuJET Hokkaido Trip 2013


Although the sakura are still blooming and the snow has barely melted, plans are already underway for our FuJET trip to Hokkaido in February 2013!

Why so early? You ask…because JETSTAR have got incredibly cheap flights on and they won’t be available for long!

The return flight for Wednesday 13th Feb is only 4590yen!!


The plan is:

Friday 8th Feb: meet in Sendai station, get the overnight ferry from Sendai to Hokkaido
Saturday 9th: get a bus from the ferry port to our wonderful hotel, the Freedom Inn in Niseko (where we stayed last time), arriving in the early afternoon. Enjoy the rest of the day!
Sunday 10th: FREE DAY!
Monday 11th: FREE DAY!
Tuesday 12th: FREE DAY!
Wednesday 13th: Fly Home from Hokkaido to Tokyo, find your own way home.


Next year, thanks to the leap year, Monday 11th is a public holiday, which means you only need 2 days of nenkyuu for a 6 day trip!


The amazing Sapporo Yuki Matsuri runs until the 11th, so for those interested, we’re planning on going on the Sunday 10th. It’s only just over an hour to Sapporo from the hotel by train, so it’s easy access. And our lovely hotel shuttles us around for free, which is wonderful!

On the other days, please enjoy the wonderfulnes of Hokkaido! Niseko is a world-renowned snow area, so it’s an amazing location for boarders and skiers:




Thanks to the international nature of Niseko, this means that boarding/skiing equipment is gaijin size, even Steven size, which is great!

Asides from boarding and skiing, there are lots of other activities, be it in the snow or out of it. The good access to Sapporo means that you can head there more than once to check out the sights, or look at different areas of nearby Hokkaido.


So, down to business:

If you want to come, please email fujetcouncil@gmail.com with:
– your full name
– your dietary requirements, if any
– your phone number and email
– your flight details


What you need to do now:




We won’t need the deposit for the ferry/hotel until June – the hotel is giving us a 25% reduction if we pay before July (!!), so all you need to do it book your flight, and then email fujet with your details.


As soon as I get a quote on the hotel, I will post it here.

It’s first come first serve, so please get booking now!!

I’m excited already :D




The hotel has confirmed that up to 30 people can come. So, there are now 20 spots available. Once these spots have been taken, you will go onto a reservation list, and if fewer than 10 newbies want to come, then people on the reservation list will get the chance to come on the trip and you can book your flight.


15 of the 20 spots have already been taken, so there are only 5 left! Get booking! :D


Thank you very much for the interest!


The current confirmed list it:


1. Me
2. Karina
3. Fane
4. Hugh
5. Ashley
6. Dora
7. Emma
8. Mark
9. Danielle
10. Kristin
11. Josh
12. Alan
13. Steven
14. Kim
15. Serena




If you have any questions, please get in touch:



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