FuJET ‘Casino Night’ Leavers Party Raises over 30,000 yen for Charity!

Over 3man was raised for charity at the Casino Night Leavers Party

Over 3man was raised for charity at the Casino Night Leavers Party

This past Friday, July 5, 2013, was the JET Leavers Orientation in FukushimaCity.  Non-recontracting ALTs met with Fukushima’s governor, and listened to seminars about returning home.

However, the Leavers Orientation was only the precursor to the day’s grand event—the FuJET Casino Night Leavers Party!  This year, the FuJET council decided to take a different approach with the leavers party theme and made a few changes, one of which being a venue change from the Big Apple to Agato. The biggest change was a focus on using our combined ALT-powers to turn this party into something more—into a charity event to help Jimmy’s Village School, an English-school for poor and underprivileged children in Cambodia. With a plan spearheaded by FuJET’s co-presidents, Joshua ‘Rokan’ Tweedy and Erika Ehren, the Leavers party incorporated casino games and a silent auction in the evening’s festivities.

The casino games, staffed by FuJET and Eyes for Fukushima members, included: Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, black jack, and roulette.  Some people won big, some people had a streak of bad luck.  The most important thing is that the casino games raised 16,000 yen (1.6 man) for charity!

The silent auction featured baked goods, wine, art commissions, guided tours, Eyes for Fukushima merchandise, and Japanese translation services.  All auction items were donated by local Fukushima ALTs.  At the end of the night, the auction brought in 15,000 yen (1.5 man) for Jimmy’s VillageSchool!

Overall, the night was a great success! FuJET raised a grand total of 31,000 yen (3.1 man) for Jimmy’s Village School.  It was a night of sequins, cards, and high stakes.  Not only did people get to dance, be merry, and say their good-byes to dear friends, but we all got together to show the love and strength of the Fukushima community will continue to reach out to help people not only around Fukushima prefecture but around the globe.

FuJET would like to extend a HUGE thank-you to everyone who helped donate their time, goods, services, and dealer skills to help make this event possible. FuJET would also like to thank Hannah and Karina for their dedication to Jimmy’s Village School.

Stay tuned for more pictures and a full write-up on the event soon!

Read more of Jimmy’s VillageSchool here.

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