Iris Gakuen International Day

by David Tacoronte

Iris Gakuen in Fukushima has over 30 to 40 orphaned children who they house, feed, and provide basic services, education, and activities for on a daily basis. On November 17th, “Eyes for Fukushima”, along with several ALTs, hosted a cultural festival at the local orphanage.

Different countries and activities were displayed along with games and crafts that the children could participate in. Countries that were represented included: Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.  Activities included: school yard hand ball, face painting, Aboriginal dot art boomerang painting, hockey shooting, quizzes, and Maori traditional stick games.

After all the international activities were over, a delicious Japanese nabe style lunch was had! ALTs were set at different tables to help cook, and to speak with all the children at the orphanage.

The second half of the day was filled with a Christmas themed arts and craft time, where the children created either laminated ornaments or Christmas-theme cards. Lots of Christmas fun was had by all!

Finally, everyone lent in a helping hand into creating a custom Christmas-theme purikura background. Costumed up, pictures were taken in front of the background and smiles were present everywhere.

“Eyes for Fukushima” continues to invite ALTs and friends from all around the Tohoku area to come to events hosted by the organization and to help those around the prefecture.  E4F will continue to work closely with local orphanages to provide activities and close interactions between the international community and the children in need.

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