The Inawashiro Cheap Ski/Board Day 2014

The Iski_day_640x479_nawashiro Cheap Ski/Board Day

Another yearly FuJET event, this fun day of skiing/boarding wearing either a) weird clothes or b) very few clothes at all, is a BLAST and also a good opportunity to do some good and raise money for charity.

On March 8, a large group of FuJETs and their friends overran Inawashiro Ski Resort for fun and charity. Oddly dressed foreigners converged on the central dining hall, grabbed their passes and hit the slopes (or hung around, playing games and raising money). Vikings, skeletons, LINE characters, the movie theatre “No more Eiga Dorobou” characters all hit the slopes and provided entertainment for the hapless Japanese people also there for the day.

Later in the day, some crazy FuJETs stripped down to their boxers and went for a nippy run down the slopes in the name of charity (also insanity, probably). After a long photo shoot, most of them put their clothes back on. Most. There are also reports that Jesse never took his off.

Why, you ask? Because we like to perpetuate the image that we are invincible and also willing to do anything, and more than a little crazy. But also, to raise money for charity. This year, the money raised went to help the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Yolanda. 5man (50 000yen) was collected by enthusiastic chariteers (donors were rewarded with Kris Mokes’ cute mini postcards!), and E4F (Eyes for Fukushima) also made 3man (30 000yen) in “I (akabeko) Fukushima” t-shirt (etc) sales, Great effort everyone!

The event will hopefully continue long into the future, so make sure you come along next year!

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