Aizu Hongo Pottery Market

On August 2nd, I woke up at three o’clock in the morning, rolled out of bed, into the car, and drove to Aizu Misato town. The Hongo Pottery market was that morning, and it started before dawn at four in the morning.


Even that early, there were so many people ready to take advantage of the great deals on pottery! That’s some dedication!


Tons of pottery, both locally made in Aizu and from all over Japan, were laid out in booths.


The competition for good deals was fierce, and some shops were practically sold out by 8 am.


There were plenty of interesting displays!


At the Soma pottery booth, the stall owner was kind enough to paint us their famous horse mark on some calligraphy paper! She’d been painting these on potter for over ten years, and so knocked out one picture in less than five minutes!


The finished products!


Time for a break with some green tea and traditional sweets!



Aizu-Misato’s town mascot, Aizu Jigen!


What I walked away with in the end. I got some great bowls in a beautiful blue and teal glaze, a wind chime with hydrangeas, some little flower magnets, a blue and silver mug, and a painting from Soma. I think it was worth the early morning wake-up!

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