Suit Up for the 2015 Snowboarding and Skiing Season


Sunny day of snowboarding

Winter is upon us! Although the snow may be a little late this year, that doesn’t mean the ski slopes aren’t already ready and waiting for you. I started my snowboarding last weekend at Grandeco, how about you?

Considering how warm it had been last week, the snow was actually in great condition for snowboarding. A couple of the lifts had been shut down due to patches of dirt and rocks, but the rest of the slopes were good to go. It wasn’t too crowded, and it was so nice and sunny I had to put on sunscreen. The snow did become icy as the sun set, so get out on the slopes early in the day!

For those of you who have your gear and are ready to go, check out our list of ski slopes around Fukushima!

If you are in need of gear, or are keen on upgrading what you have, try checking out Hard Off. This chain of stores sells a variety of secondhand items, including boards, bindings, boots, gloves, snow jacket, snow pants, goggles, etc. Although some of their items can get a bit expensive, they are often in good condition and/or brand name products.  Hard Off has locations in Iwaki, Fukushima City, Koriyama and Aizuwakamatsu.

If you prefer your gear shiny and new, Xebio Sports is another great location to fulfill your snowboarding and skiing needs. Don’t forget to ask your fellow JETs around you, they may know of some good shops selling gear. You can also try posting in our snowboarding and ski Facebook group, I know some people who have accumulated gear from their predecessors and friends.

Good luck on your search! If you have never done snowboarding or skiing before, this is a great time to start! There are lots of beginner-friendly slopes and even more friendly JETs willing to help get you on your feet. Not a fan of winter? Overcome that feeling by grabbing winter by its shoulders, throw it beneath your feet and ride it down the mountain (meaning snowboarding and skiing, of course. Or sledding. Or snowshoeing. Or simply walking down snowy mountains if that’s your thing).


Conditions of Grandeco Ski Slopes on December 12, 2015


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