2017-2018 FuJET Council Elections

Voting will be open for one week, until May 15th.

There are two nominees for the FuJET president for the 2017-18 council. The candidate with the most votes will win the presidential seat with the other party eligible for the vice-presidential seat. Before voting, here are their introductions.

Cormac Ryan

Hey everyone! I’m Cormac and I’m hoping to be next year’s FuJET president. Why should you vote for me, you say? Well, I come from Cork in Ireland which is famous for the craic and banter and that’s something I will definitely bring with me to FuJET. I’m a social kind of guy and I love to meet friends new and old and make them feel welcomed. Also, I have a looong history of being involved with stuff that stretches all the way back to my school days so I am well prepared for the ins and outs of committee life. There’s no task too big or problem too small, let’s organising!

Please consider me for your #1 vote this election season ?

Joseph Schiltz

My name is Joseph Schlitz. I am not good at selling myself, but I am pretty cool. In the future I want to be a physicist and work for NASA. In my free time I like to program and cycle. I am easy going, and I approach issues with logic and reason. Also I like memes.

Voting has concluded!