Election FAQs and Position Descriptions – 2020

Come one, come all, it’s election time! Now is the time where we bid a tearful goodbye to the 19/20 business year, and ring in the election season.

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The following Elected Executive positions are available:


The President is responsible for the overall operation of FuJET. Some of the regular duties of the President are to plan and assign tasks to FuJET cabinet members, prepare for and execute the annual FuJET events, and announce regular council meetings.

Vice President

The Vice President maintains records of council meetings and is responsible for the overall transparency of FuJET happenings, in addition to fulfilling the duties of the President when s/he is unable to do so.


Wondering what goes into being the FuJET treasurer? Well, the treasurer’s main job is to keep the money safe. That means collecting it and sending it securely, as well as not losing the bank book that controls the FuJET account. Any time FuJET spends any money, it’s the treasurer’s job to make sure that money gets sent to the payee. As FuJET’s main job is to organize FuJET trips and the various year end/year beginning parties, that means collecting money from the participants and giving it to the various travel agencies and/or restaurants. FuJET might also have to pay for a few small things here and there, so the treasurer has to watch out for those as well. Beyond that, the treasurer is a member of the FuJET council, and so helps out with that as needed.

The following Cabinet positions are available for your taking this year:

Volunteer Coordinator

The role of the volunteer coordinator is to enable volunteering in the Fukushima area. Through their own experience, the volunteer coordinator provides assistance in planning and executing volunteer activities. The role also includes organizing transportation, lodging and scheduling as much as the coordinator is able. The coordinator should stay informed on what locations need volunteering and the nature of the work to be done. As the need for volunteering evolves, the volunteer coordinator evaluates and acts on the most effective charitable work to be done in a given year.

Minister of Fun

Being bored sucks, but having fun rocks. Do you remember when you first came to Japan? I do… As a nervous bean who spoke minimal Japanese, I had the hardest time finding my way around or making friends in my area. The Minister or Fun is a relatively new position created for people to turn to in order to learn about the cool places to be – as well as plan regular events for people to get together and blow off some steam. Some past events include Fitness day, Book Club, and Thanksgiving Parties, and many more!


Do you like perusing the Interwebs? Do you keep a blog? Do you enjoy creative writing? Does this sloppy article that your poor president wrote up/plagiarised make you cringe? If so, why not apply to become the news editor? If selected, you would be in charge of posting monthly event articles. You would also be in charge of scouting out talent to paint our pristine webpage with articles on various happenings around the prefecture – or even other parts of Japan, should that be your wish! Why do all that work yourself when you could have others do it on your behalf, write? (See, I made a funny!)


Q: What the heck is FuJET?

A: FuJET began as a local branch of AJET, which works to provide professional support to participants of the JET Program. It has since become an independent organization that strives to build connections and support networks for foreign residents of Fukushima Prefecture, as well as provide up-to-date information on the current state of affairs in the area. If you have a passion for your home in Fukushima, enjoy hosting events and have a desire to dive headfirst into adventure at the front of a group, then FuJET is right for you!

Q: Hey, that sounds pretty neat, but I’m not on the JET Program. Can I get involved with FuJET even though I work for Interac/Joytalk/Aeon/Any other ALT dispatch company?

A: Absolutely! FuJET seeks to provide resources to all ALTs, CIRs, and SEAs working in Fukushima Prefecture. If the above applies to you and you have an event in your area that you would like to promote, or if you are interested in joining the council and putting your skills to work, please reach out to us via fujetcouncil@gmail.com

Q: I don’t speak any Japanese. Can I still be of use to FuJET?

A: Of course you can! There is a variety of positions available, each of which carry an important role in the smooth operation of this organization. Continue reading for a description of each position and their duties.

Q: I’m interested/know someone who’s interested. How do I apply?

A: You can apply or nominate a friend by clicking here. If you intend on nominating someone, please inform that person before doing so! You wouldn’t want them to turn down your nomination out of shock, would you?

Sound up your alley? Don’t delay, apply today! Click the link here to nominate yourself and/or others to join FuJET!