Introducing the 2020-2021 FuJET Council!

President — Maya McTighe

Hello everyone!  My name is Maya McTighe and I’ll be your FuJET president for 2020-2021. I’m from Seattle, Washington and I’ve been living in Minami Aizu for the past three years. When I’m not at school I’m usually playing Animal Crossing, doing judo, or napping. I also love exploring Fukushima and seeing friends on weekends, but I haven’t been able to do too much of that in recent months. I’m excited to meet you all and do all the exploring once it’s safe to do so!

Our goal this year is to find ways to bring people together and provide opportunities to explore Fukushima while still being safe. Due to the increasing number of cases throughout Japan, this likely means exclusively virtual get togethers for the moment. We will continue to monitor the situation and hopefully will be able to plan in-person events in the future. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to use FuJET as a resource for all things Fukushima and Japan related. We plan to roll out new resources in the coming months to make ALT life easier. We’re here to support you in anything you need!! Reach out to us anytime.

Stay safe and I’m looking forward to seeing you all!

Treasurer — Austin Scott

Hey y’all! My name is Austin Scott, and I’ll be serving as treasurer for FuJET for the 2020-21 term! I’m entering my 3rd year as an ALT in Minamiaizu-machi, tucked away far in the southwestern mountains of Fukushima. I’m originally from Texas, where I studied Music Education and worked as a middle school band director before moving to Japan. You can typically find me studying Japanese, running, reading, or playing video games in my free time (unless it’s winter, then I spend every minute I can snowboarding at one of the many resorts around Minamiaizu). I’m very excited to be your treasurer this year, and I’m looking forward to meeting more of you and being a part of making this year the best that we can in the face of COVID!

Minister of Fun — Marc Borcena

Hello Fukushima people!

My name is Marc Borcena. I am from the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I currently live in Otama mura since 2018. I like to play tennis, take pictures, and read. My number one favorite thing to do is to travel around Fukushima and Japan. My goal is to visit all 47 prefectures before I leave. If you want any recommendations on trips I can send a powerpoint or two to you. 

I am the Minister of Fun and my main focus is to make you have fun. And I will not let a pandemic stop me from creating memories and connections with each other. It’s time to be creative! My goal is to host at least one event where the people of Fukushima (that means you) can come together and have, well, fun! This can be on the online space and (hopefully soon) on the physical space. 

I look forward to having a fun time with all of you!

Volunteer Coordinator — Liam Duffy

Welcome to Fukushima!
My name is Liam, and I’m honoured to be your volunteer coordinator for FuJET this year. I’m a third-going-on-fourth year JET, currently mid-leap from ALT to CIR in Iwaki city, Hamadoori region.

I’m originally from Toronto, Canada, though more recently lived in Halifax for university. high school and university, I was also able to live and volunteer in rural communities throughout Quebec and the prairies, thanks to a government volunteering program called Katimavik.

Having spent a month of my study abroad hopping between shelters helping out during the Kumamoto earthquakes, I am no stranger to volunteering in Japan as well. In my free time I enjoy cycling, long walks along the beach while listening to the saddest indie folk rock imaginable. Both Halifax and Iwaki have been rather conducive to this, which I am thankful for.

I hope that I can help with some of the beautification of Hamadoori’s shores, as well as be an ear to the ground for volunteering opportunities – be it through the ALT community, or through channels of municipal government as CIR. If you are in search of volunteering opportunities to get involved with your local JET community, or conversely, if you have volunteer activities you’d like to promote to the JET community, then please feel encouraged to give me a shout!